About Us

Discover Global Artists and Learn About Different Cultures

About US

Welcome to Culzzles, where we connect the world through puzzles, games and more. Founded by a passionate mother with the help of her kids, our journey began with a simple yet profound idea – to celebrate cultural inclusion, educate, and showcase the talents of artists from around the globe.

Our Story

At Culzzles, family is at the heart of everything we do. The black owned business was founded by a mother and son with the goal of bringing more diversity to puzzles, games and more. As a family-owned business, we believe in the power of collaboration, creativity, and the beauty of diversity

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our business. Enjoy the puzzles.

Cultural Inclusion

We take pride in our commitment to cultural inclusion. Each puzzle in our collection is a testament to the rich tapestry of traditions, stories, and artistry from various corners of the world. Our curated selection of puzzles is a celebration of diversity, inviting you to explore and appreciate the unique perspectives that each culture brings.

Global Artists

Discover the incredible talent of artists worldwide through our puzzles. We collaborate with a diverse array of creative minds, ensuring that every puzzle tells a unique story. From the intricate details of traditional art to the vibrant expressions of contemporary design, our puzzles showcase the global mosaic of artistic brilliance.

Quality and Sustainability

Beyond cultural inclusion, we are committed to delivering high-quality puzzles while prioritizing sustainability. Our puzzles are crafted using eco-friendly materials, reflecting our dedication to both artistic excellence and environmental responsibility.

Our Mission

At Culzzles, our mission is to celebrate cultural inclusion through puzzles, game and more. We aim to educate as well as foster a sense of pride, connection and understanding. Through our visually stunning and intellectually engaging puzzles, we hope to bring people together, sparking conversations and building bridges between cultures.

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